We have several ways to help you connect with Chinese community at NCSU:

1. Official website: http://www.ncsuchina.org/

2. Guide for newcomers: on the homepage of official website

3. RenRen Web page: http://page.renren.com/600828397?checked=true (Chinese version of Facebook, 1500+ followers)

4. Facebook webpage: under construction

5. Wechat platform: NCSUcssfa (Chinese popular cell phone apps, 230+ followers)

6. Yahoo group email list: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/chinancsu/info (established in 2001, 5000+ followers)

7. QQ groups: 300-500 followers in each year’s newcomers group

We can advertise your products or services during:

1. Newcomers Welcome Party

2. Traditional Chinese festivals such as Mid-Autumn, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc.

3. Basketball, football, etc. competition

4. Workshops on various topics

Descriptions of sponsor benefits:

1. Logo & link to sponsor’s website from official website homepage.

2. AD webpage under “Sponsors” of the official website.

3. Logo/AD in emails to all Chinese students and scholars on big events.

4. Logo/AD in events announcement/poster on RenRen, Facebook, Wechat, and QQ.

5. Full-page of a color AD in the guide for newcomers.

6. Booth/resource table during newcomers welcome party/big events.

7. Flyers or pamphlets/hanging posters/logo AD on PPT during events.

8. Giving out sponsor promotional goodies/discount cards as gifts during events.

Sponsorship packages:

Option Sponsorship level Benefits
Ultima 1500 $ 1-8 (exclusive)
Platinum 800 $ 1-8
Gold 500 $ 1-5
Silver 300 $ 1,2,5 or 2,3,4
Bronze 200 $ 3 or 5
Single 100 $ 6 or 7 or 8 (for single event)

More information please contact us