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1. FedEx回国行李特惠快递 (5-10天到达中国)


50     –   100   LBS                           $4.50/LB
101   –   200   LBS                           $3.80/LB
201   –   300   LBS                           $3.50/LB
301   –   500   LBS                           $3.20/LB
501+              LBS                           $2.95/LB




1. 接受纸箱和行李箱
*重量: 单件重量不能超出70lbs  
*体积重量: 核算运费时,取体积重量与实际重量两者中较大值计费,体积重量计算公式: 长x宽x高/139 = 体积重量
(例子: 箱子实际重量为54磅,尺寸为20″x20″x20″,根据体积重量公式得出体积重量为20*20*20/139=57磅。在这种情况下,空运运费会按照体积重量57磅计算收费。
3.运费重量价格区间按多个箱子叠加磅数计算, 以下是运费计算的例子,
(例子: 假如您有三个箱子,重量分别是50lbs, 42lbs, 48lbs, 总共为 140lbs, 国际运费 140lbsx3.6 = $504 国内运费 15×3 = $45, 最终价格为 504+45=549
1. 申请服务:客服会用电话或者邮件与你联系。

2. FedEx美国境内转学搬家行李快递(1-5天内到达, 50LBS起运)

3. Towhere个人货物快递,学生代购快递(2-3个星期到达中国)
A类商品 首磅$10, 续磅$5.5(5lbs起运)
B类商品 首磅$15, 续磅$6.5(5lbs起运)


每箱                  Drop-off                     上门取件
5-10LBS             $10                               $13
11-20LBS           $12                               $15
21-30LBS           $17                               $20
31-40LBS           $22                               $25
41LBS+               $27                               $30
最终费用为国际运费+国内运费. Drop-off可以选择任意FedEx收件点,大型收件中心等。


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Cort Furniture

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We have several ways to help you connect with Chinese community at NCSU:

1. Official website: http://www.ncsuchina.org/

2. Guide for newcomers: on the homepage of official website

3. RenRen Webpage: http://page.renren.com/600828397?checked=true (Chinese version of Facebook, 1500+ followers)

4. Facebook webpage: under construction

5. Wechat platform: NCSUcssfa (Chinese popular cellphone apps, 230+ followers)

6. Yahoo group maillist: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/chinancsu/info (established in 2001, 5000+ followers)

7. QQ groups: 300-500 followers in each year’s newcomers group


We can advertise your products or services during:

1. Newcomers Welcome Party

2. Traditional Chinese festivals such as Mid-Autumn, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc.

3. Basketball, football, etc. competition

4. Workshops on various topics


Descriptions for sponsor benefits:

1. Logo & link to sponsor’s website from official website homepage.

2. AD webpage under “Sponsors” of official website.

3. Logo/AD in emails to all Chinese students and scholars on big events.

4. Logo/AD in events announcement/poster on RenRen, Facebook, Wechat and QQ .

5. Full-page of color AD in guide for newcomers.

6. Booth/resource table during newcomers welcome party/big events.

7. Flyers or pamphlets/hanging posters/logo AD on PPT during events.

8. Giving out sponsor promotional goodies/discount cards as gifts during events.

Sponsorship packages:

Option Sponsorship level Benefits
Ultima 1500 $ 1-8 (exclusive)
Platinum 800 $ 1-8
Gold 500 $ 1-5
Silver 300 $ 1,2,5 or 2,3,4
Bronze 200 $ 3 or 5
Single 100 $ 6 or 7 or 8 (for single event)

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Today Asia Market webpage-page-001

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joy travel

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Wells Fargo

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2600 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh NC 27607       Phone 919-664-8801 

WF address

  • Convenient Checking Package that combines with Savings, Debit Card, Online Banking, Online Bill Pay, Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit, ALL with NO service fee when the debit card is simply used 10 or more times per month. NO minimum balance requirement, NO direct deposit requirement.
  • Convenient branch and ATM locations:

Full Service branch on Hillsborough St., 2 ATM’s on Western Blvd (Food Lion parking lot), the Bookstore at Harrelson Hall on Main Campus, and 2 ATM’s on Centennial Campus at the Oval dining area.

  • Express Send money transfer to China as low as $12.00. (An exclusive partnership with Agricultural Bank of China)
  • Use of Bill Pay to pay Rent/Landlord FREE which avoids cost of purchasing checks. First 6 checks are free.
  • Flat rate $16 incoming international wire transfer fee, regardless of the transferred amount.
  • Free account to account transfer between Wells Fargo accounts through Online Banking.
  • Freeaccount to account transfers to Bank of America accounts through Online Banking.
  • First 90 Days of account life completely Free.
  • Free Notary service.
  • Free Debit Card replacement with cards issued in the Store.
  • Ability to establish credit without social security number.

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) is a diversified financial services company with $1.5 trillion in assets and more than 264,000 team members. Founded in 1852, Wells Fargo provides banking, insurance, investments, mortgage, and consumer and commercial finance through more than 9,000 locations, more than 12,500 ATMs, online (wellsfargo.com), and mobile devices.

We’re headquartered in San Francisco CA. We do business with one in three U.S. households and operate in 35 countries to support customers with their global financial needs.

Wells Fargo has Stores in most major metropolitan cities including New York, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles, providing coast to coast service where ever you visit or move to.

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