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Previous presidents

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2006-2007:Xiang, Ling 向凌

2007-2008:He, Peng 何鹏

2008-2009:Zhou, Rui 周锐

2009-2010: Luo, Haojun 罗浩俊

2010-2011: Xiao, Li 肖黎

2011-2012: Liu, Lu 刘璐

2012-2013: Yang, Bo 杨波

2013-2014: Xue, Chi 薛驰

2014-2015: Ou, Erkang 欧尔康






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2015-2016 committee

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President 会长: Shi, Edward 石仁达(Ren) Secretary 秘书长: Feng, Zhixiang 冯志翔

Vice Presidents 副会长: Xue, Shang 薛上  Liu, Pengkun 刘鹏坤  Xie,Ang 谢昂

学生会监督顾问:Ou,Erkang 欧尔康

Treasurer 会计:Man Liu 刘曼      Webmaste 网站建设管理: Shi, Edward 石仁达

内务部:Wang,Ming 王铭 ( 负责总宣传编辑,海报,平台发布)

1.Newcomers Group Leader 迎新组: Yan, Jun 严骏(负责events# 1、2、7、10、13)编辑完善新生手册,协助office of international service安排志愿者为新生提供接机和临时住宿,为新生提供学校及周边衣食住行方方面面资讯,并在开学后组织海滩游帮助大家更快更好地结识新朋友;

2.Sports Group Leader 体育组: Mu, Haoran 穆浩然(负责events#9、14、15)组织各类篮球赛等球赛项目,志同道合的朋友们相聚起来通过运动放松身心;

3.Festival Group Leader 节日晚会组: Zhang, Tan 张坦(负责events#10、15)策划大型中秋、春节晚会及三校才艺大赛,同学们在这里展示才艺,共庆传统佳节;

4.Social Group Leader 社交活动组: Yin, Xinyuan 银欣媛(负责events#7、10、16)举办舞会、周边游等各类活动,为大家提供平台互相勾搭(啊~);

5.China Voice Group Leader 中国之声组: Qi, Ran 祁然(负责events#6、8、15、18)与孔子学院和各国学生组织合作以宣扬中国文化、交流吸收多元思想;

6.Career Development Group Leader 就业组: Li, Rui 李睿(负责events#8、12、17、20)搜集各方信息为大家提供就业与移民讲座。

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2014-2015 committee

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President 会长: Ou, Erkang 欧尔康     Vice Presidents 副会长: Xue, Shang 薛上     Wang, Qitao 王琦韬

Treasurer 会计: Liu, Man 刘曼     Webmaster: Gong, Xi 龚玺    Zhang, Jianbang 张建邦    Ou, Erkang 欧尔康

1.Newcomers Group Leader 迎新组: Feng, Zhixiang 冯治翔(负责events# 1、2、7、10、13)编辑完善新生手册,协助office of international service安排志愿者为新生提供接机和临时住宿,为新生提供学校及周边衣食住行方方面面资讯,并在开学后组织海滩游帮助大家更快更好地结识新朋友;

2.Sports Group Leader 体育组: Mu, Haoran 穆浩然(负责events#9、14、15)组织各类篮球赛等球赛项目,志同道合的朋友们相聚起来通过运动放松身心;

3.Festival Group Leader 节日晚会组: Xie, Ang 谢昂(负责events#10、15)策划大型中秋、春节晚会及三校才艺大赛,同学们在这里展示才艺,共庆传统佳节;

4.Social Group Leader 社交活动组: Shi, Renda 石仁达(负责events#7、10、16)举办舞会、周边游等各类活动,为大家提供平台互相勾搭(啊~);

5.China Voice Group Leader 中国之声组: Ma, Jiaying 马嘉颖(负责events#6、8、15、18)与孔子学院和各国学生组织合作以宣扬中国文化、交流吸收多元思想;

6.Career Development Group Leader 就业组: Tang, Xiao 唐啸(负责events#8、12、17、20)搜集各方信息为大家提供就业与移民讲座。

Total # on J/F visa undergrad master PhD Scholar OPT Female/Male
~1459 307 301 470 148 233 597/862
1 2014.08.05/08/12 bank & cellphone account for newcomers 12PM-2PM Harrelson Hall 147 新生组
2 2014.08.14 Chinese Newcomers Welcome Party(coastal ballroom) 2PM-4PM Talley Student Union 新生组
3 2014.08.19 Campus Connection 10AM-1PM Talley Student Union 只是参加
2014.08.20 (Wed) first day of class  
4 2014.08.21 CSSFA Recruitment 6PM-8PM Harrelson Hall 147 会长团
5 2014.08.22 OIS Welcome Party 6PM-9PM Talley Student Union 只是参加
6 2014.08.23 Packapalooza 1PM-8PM Hillsborough Street 中国之声
7 2014.08.30 Beach Trip for Newcomers(or 蹦蹦床 if rain) TBD TBD 新生组、社交组
2014.09.01 (Mon) labor day  
8 2014 09.04 US-China Summit (Friday Institute) 9AM-4PM Centennial campus 中国之声、就业组
9 2014.09.06 CSSFA Basketball Competition 1PM-5PM Gym 体育组
10 2014.09.06 Mid-autumn Festival Gala (mountains ballroom) 6PM-10PM Talley Student Union 节日组、新生、社交
2014.09.08 (Mon) mid-autumn festival  
11 2014.09.10 Campus Connection 10AM-1PM Talley Student Union 只是参加
12 2014.09.12 Career Development 1st Workshop (with New Mind) TBD TBD 就业组
13 2014.09.19 Credit Card workshop (with Wells Fargo) TBD TBD 新生组
14 2014.09.20 Car / Insurance workshop (with 小猛车记) TBD TBD 体育组
15 2014.09.27 dragon boat racing (Koka booth amphitheater) 9AM-5PM Symphony lake, Cary 中国之声、体育、节日
16 2014.10 Big social event (with CAFA, Duke, UNC-chapel hill)   TBD TBD 社交组
2014.10.09-10.12 fall break  
17 2014.10 Career Development 2nd Workshop (with Collegenode) TBD TBD 就业组
18 2014.11.18 Confucius Institute Anniversary Celebration 11AM-1PM Talley Student Union 中国之声
19 2014.11.21 CSSFA end of year dinner TBD TBD 会长团
20 2014.9-11 Breakthrough Leadership Workshop (with GTI) TBD TBD 就业组
2014.11.27 (Thur) thanks giving day  
2014.12.18-2015.01.06 Winter break

About Us 关于我们

Chinese Students and Scholars Friendship Association (CSSFA) at North Carolina State University (NCSU), formally is affiliated to the Office of International Services http://internationalservices.ncsu.edu/and Student Organization Resource Center http://ncsu.orgsync.com/ at NCSU, as well as the Office of Educational Affairs of the Embassy of P.R.China in USA http://www.sino-education.org/studyabroad/cssainusa.htm. Besides, CSSFA has very good cooperation relationship with 15 Chinese Organizations in North Carolina.  Founded in 1981, we are a non-politics, non-religious, non-profit volunteer-run body whose primary members are Chinese students, scholars, faculties and staffs, their families, as well as some Chinese who work in the triangle area.

CSSFA aims at: (1) Assist new comers to smoothly and successfully adapt to their lives in US; (2) Promote mutual understanding, assistance, and benefits among Chinese at NCSU; (3) Facilitate cultural exchange among Chinese, American and international friends; (4) Enhance our network aiming for the welfare of the student community.

We are proud to say that CSSFA has been accumulating successful experience year after year on organizing events to revive memories from back home and get everyone together to know our fellow students better. CSSFA is now composed of six groups(1) Newcomers Group, helps freshmen settle down and familiarize themselves with the NCSU community by provide airport picking-up, publishing guide for new comers, hosting information fair during orientation and organizing beach trip; (2) Sports Group, plans basketball, football and badminton games throughout the year; (3) Festival Group, hosts karaoke and gala shows to celebrate traditional festivals as well as enrich and diverse campus culture; (4) Social Group, creates events to help students make new friends and reduce the stress of assignments, projects and exams; (5) China Voice Group, commits itself to making information on all aspects of Chinese culture available to the general student body, faculty and staff at NCSU as well as local communities such as elementary schools by collaboration with Confucius Institute and OIS; (6) Career Development Group, sponsors seminars and series of lectures of job related topics and provide professional help on job hunting and legal services.

We welcome each one of you on this vast land and invite you to live the CSSFA experience! For Committee Chair and events summary please visit our website.

NCSU的中国学生学者联谊会Chinese Students and Scholars Friendship Association (简称CSSFA)创立于1981年,以NCSU的中国学生学者为主体,吸收在RTP地区的中国同胞,是一个非政治、非宗教、非盈利性的学生团体。旨在促进学生学者之间,校园和当地华人社团之间,校园与社会各界的交流与协作。我们注册在中华人民共和国驻美国大使馆教育处http://www.sino-education.org的中国学生学者联谊会名下http://www.sino-education.org/studyabroad/cssainusa.htm,通过和使馆交流为大家提供归国人才招聘信息和紧急情况下的公民保护。也注册在NCSU Student Organization中,通过和学校Student Involvement和Office of International Service合作帮助大家适应美国,组织活动促进文化交流。每年活动经费主要来自于使馆拨款、学校Student Government审批和周边商家赞助,有自己的独立账户和会计管理。成员由学生学者志愿参加。


2015-2016学年的CSSFA由六个小组构成:1.迎新组编辑完善新生手册,协助office of international service安排志愿者为新生提供接机和临时住宿,为新生提供学校及周边衣食住行方方面面资讯,并在开学后组织海滩游帮助大家更快更好地结识新朋友;2.体育组组织各类篮球赛,足球赛,羽毛球赛等项目,志同道合的朋友们相聚起来通过运动放松身心;3.节日晚会组策划大型中秋、春节晚会及三校才艺大赛,同学们在这里展示才艺,共庆传统佳节;4.社交活动组举办舞会、周边游等各类活动,为大家提供平台互相勾搭(啊~);5.中国之声组与孔子学院和其他各国学生组织合作以宣扬中国文化、交流吸收多元思想;6.就业组搜集各方信息为大家提供就业与移民讲座。